Introducing a new adventure!

Finally, after several years of hard work, finding the right people, and building the right team I have made it to the starting point of a completely new adventure. Today I launch my very own lifestyle brand for women – Renata.

I have always appreciated the high function that you find in outdoor clothes to protect you from the wind, heat, cold, or rain. I want garments that don’t wrinkle, are comfortable to travel in, and work with my active life. That exact same demand I have on my everyday wardrobe but with the addition that I want to feel dressed and look good. My dream has been to find the fusion between practical outdoor clothes and the stylish, feminine everyday wear and never compromise on quality.

I call it functional fashion and with it, I want to redefine adventure. Because life is in itself a great adventure and we should dress for the occasion. Renata will launch one product at a time, not working with collections but rather finding perfection and making the most of every piece. Welcome to a new chapter in my world, visit!

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